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"Giving misunderstood horses a second chance"

I have worked for Adam West Training for just under 2 years, and in that time I have been lucky to learn from such an experienced horseman. Every horse is treated with the utmost care, and each training programme is planned to perfection to get the most effective results. The new horse box is great for any kind of transport, and paired with a great team. If I had my own horse I wouldn't use anyone else .

-Fredrika Penniket-Dessent

Absolutely brilliant. I couldn't be happier or recommend these guys any more highly. Spent an hour and a half with my very stubborn, difficult loader and at the end of it had him practically loading himself. Really calm, patient and nice with him too. Thanks so much for your help!

- Sarah Fowler 

I will genuinely 100% recommend Adam from our experience working with him. Over a two month period (including xmas) he restored my faith in a pony we had recently bought using his kind, knowledgeable and gentle methods, kept my daughter safe, and instructed, taught and advised her, and whilst doing all this he has helped the pony gain trust in us. We now have a calm, confident pony preparing for his competition career. I found Adam to be calm, relaxed, professional, very supportive reassuring and non-judgemental ***** - 5*

- Kerry Colett

- From Horse & Hound-

My mare, gorgeous as she is, but getting on a bit, is a very nervous traveller and has to have Sedalin to even get her into a lorry, then arrives, regardless, extremely sweated up. However, with Adam West's patient and careful, expert handling, she is now very much calmer, and unrecognisable from the tense and tentative equine she once was. Thank you Adam, for making such a huge difference, and giving me peace of mind whenever she has to be transported.

Adam West is supreme in his understanding of horses, and I would trust my mare with him under any circumstances whatsoever. Our time with him was enlightening and my trust in him complete. I know he will probably be embarrassed by my accolade, but hope he will forgive me. I so mean every word. Love to both Adam & Olivia, and I wish you all the continuing success in the world, for 2016.

- Anne Hagger

My beautiful young horse Ches, that I imported from Ireland in 2014 was having some problems which I wanted to get to the bottom of. He was very sensitive and he would tuck his bottom in and scoot off in a panic as if he had just received an electric shock. On a good day he would jump a course beautifully but warming up indoors with horses coming too close it would upset him, then one day he took off & bolted warming up for a dressage competition and unseated his rider. I took him to Adam who suggested taking him back to scratch, desensitizing him etc. Within a week, max. of two Adam said he believed it was his eye sight from the work he had been doing with him on a one to one basis. I said the vet has already checked his eyes!!! He showed me how he was fine ridden in half cup racing blinkers but without he would react to the riding moving an arm out to the side and daylight changing from front to back. He recommended I refer him to an eye specialist in Southampton who was able to look into the back of his eyes. Unfortunately a brain lesion was found and there was nothing that could be done as it was getting worse and it was a horrible decision to have to make but I had to let him go. Adam, myself and Kate who was going to event him were shocked and upset. HOWEVER, I highly recommend Adam as he was caring and gentle with Ches from the start and realised there was a underlying problem causing him to behave in this way. In the short time he had Ches he built up a bond/relationship with him and wanted the best for him too.

RIP beautiful Ches.

- Lynne Underhill

Had my first long reining lesson with Adam. He was calm and patient, just what i needed. I will definitely be back for more lessons and will be using his services when i need to transport any horses.


- Rebekah Mackie-McLeod

It’s very difficult to summarise in a few words just how much Adam and his team have done for me and my horse. Not only in our time of need, but in the six months of rehabilitation that followed.

In April 2015, my horse obtained a nasty cut to his hock which made the joint septic. Within an hour of discovering the cut at 8pm, my vet called Adam for emergency transport to Liphook Equine Hospital. In an understandably distressing time, his calm, professional and empathetic demeanour was reassuring and I knew my horse was in safe hands.

Following surgery and a week’s stay at the hospital, my horse returned home to start his five weeks box rest. Being an ex-racer, he can be particularly sensitive. He lost a dramatic amount of weight and the swelling wasn’t going down too well. The vet suggested giving Adam a call. The following week, my horse moved into a beautifully big, light and airy box at Adam’s yard. Adam and his team put a great deal of effort into carefully feeding him and monitoring his weight. Within a couple of weeks he was really settled and began to blossom. After five weeks, the team began to build him up slowly, walking for 20-40 minutes a day, combined with hydrotherapy. At the 12 week mark, Adam started to ease him back into ridden work and we haven’t looked back since. The great thing is they allowed me to be involved all the way through our journey, teaching me skills to help get the best from my horse in the right way.

They gave me my horse back. For this, I am very grateful, and if given the option, I wouldn’t change a thing.


- J Piercy

I have found travelling with Adam to be a better option than owning my own horsebox - I know they are in the best and safest box around, that they will be well driven and that if I am travelling with them there will be good company on the journey.


-Ben Moxon

After 13 months of struggling to load our pony, hours of stress and not making shows. 

Adam and Olivia came Saturday to show me/ teach me a technique that was simple yet affective in just over an hour. Our pony now loads in five minutes. Words can't describe how grateful we are to you. 

We took bow out Sunday she Loaded again within minutes.
So a huge thank you for your advice.


- Sam & Hannah

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